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Linda Neff

I was putting out the garbage one summer morning, and noticed the "leftover" moon in the sky. This poem was born from that observation, proving that mundane moments can provide fodder for beautiful thoughts. As a writer, my constant challenge is to perceptively notice life's details and make them breathe on paper. Poetry writing helps me to capture savoured moments.

Summer Sonnet

Reluctant morning moon still lingers on,
And clings with grace to bleached blue wash of sky.
The moon must contemplate that it has shone
Its best by night, and now must bid goodbye -
For sun will have its place, and knows it can
By strength of light outshine the lovely moon,
And make the blackened bush a green-soaked fan,
Which waits for wind to play a daytime tune.
The daylight song of summer's breeze still shows
That heat and haze must beg the wind's respite,
And roses, red and fragrant, wait in pose,
For welcome wind and rays of sun's delight.
The brighter beam is one by which one sees
That shining truth brings darkness to its knees.

Copyright 2006 Linda Neff