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Kristine K. Lowder

A former editor and aerospace professional, Kristine Lowder earned her degree in Communication/Print Media from Biola University. Her byline has appeared in numerous hard copy and electronic venues and more than thirty ezines. She has published eight books to date and is working on her next title. For more information, visit Kristine's Korner.

Sky Sigh

Suspended in space
Your blue-bruised brow
Frowns over hemlock boughs.
Cloven clouds seep through your seams
While I watch you glide upon the day
See you swim above the hills
Chameleoned into
Mourning gray, citrus blossom, peppermint.

I spear your rainbow colors
Bounce them back onto the water
Scribble into my book.
If you could stop and I could paint
You'd drift forever on canvassed hills.
But you are too clever and too quick
For me to catch you here.

Twilight takes you
Swirls a fiery dance.
You fling cold and dark again
Spit a stubborn protest.
Wriggling from my fingers
You drip into the river.
I would keep you
But you're not mine
So I set my face for tomorrow
And wait for you to rise.

Copyright ©2004 by Kristine K. Lowder