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Geoff Pope

Merit Award 2006 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $30

Geoff Pope is a Christian poet from Renton, Washington.

Mostly White People Church

I decided to go bro and sure enough
the piano chased a spirit of religion
right out the sanctuary like they said

and down the aisle somebody rolled
a boulder that hit the altar breaking
into rocks all over that fancy place

and threads in dresses got gold
or some bright color before the air
smelled like honeysuckle fumes

and you shoulda seen the balcony
clock fall and smash setting off
wristwatches flying everywhere

the camera on the boom dropped
its jaw and some woman's tongue
grew a shoot or some kind of vine

the baptismal waters got to laughing
and Bibles flapped to that crazy verse
in 2 Corinthians 5 and then I saw a fire

in my wife's ear! flipped me out man
I blew it out but the flame came back
like them birthday candles It's okay

she said It don't hurt and that's when
I hit the floor and started praying
and got slain in the Spirit good

that's the last thing I remember
until my little honey woke me up
in the back row after the service

so I just wanted to let you know
it's true about the piano and that
this mostly white people church

ain't as bad as we thought it was

Copyright ©2004 by Geoff Pope