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Bonnie Flaman

Bonnie Flaman lives in Regina, Saskatchewan with her husband and four children.

"What happens after healing?" is the 2006 winner of the Word Guild poetry prize. The poem was published in the Penwood Review.

After learning of her prize, Bonnie wrote to Utmost as follows: "You published my first poem, 'Naomi.' I want to thank you again for that."

One of the primary goals of Utmost is to encourage poets like Bonnie to excellence, and we're gratified to have played a role in her success.

What happens after healing?

The woman who touched the hem of his garment, chases
crowds, squints through ripples of heat for sight of him.

Surely, she’ll be satisfied if he looks her way again, if
she can see the pool of her heart reflected in his eyes.

Her gratitude is the weight of the ocean,
her tongue, a sponge, crashes against the silent stone.

There is no more bleeding, only the percussion of rock
cracking open.

The stones will sing her praises when she cannot
find him, the stones will sing to him when he is broken for her.

Copyright ©2004 by Bonnie Flaman