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Rochelle Chapman

First Honorable Mention 2006 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

I live in Vancouver, BC. A year ago, I completed a Masters at Regent College (a theological school) where I did an arts thesis project in poetry. Since then, I have been working as a piano teacher and the youth coordinator of an Anglican church. I also take a poetry workshop at UBC to keep working on my writing.

Stained Glass

Suspend this belief.
Tell me to come to you on the water
that I may hover over the great deep
and feel the foam of waves spray me from below.

Suspend my disbelief.
Christ hangs
in cathedrals with crystal panes
of blood-stained glass
refracting the piercing light.

In suspense
I wait for more than dusty signs on the walls,
centuries old and tired as my eyes.

I'm susupended.
Unexpectedly, through the window there are lambent streams
of rose-gold in the cloudy sunset.

Suspend this moment.
I hold on to a glimpse.
You pass by me in vapor. I blink and
you've passed me by.

I'm suspended in disbelief.
I'm walkiing the dim road
to an ever-receding Emmaus,
groping in ubiquitous light.

I'm dependent.
I hang
on your words and the memory
of effulgent clouds that hide you from my sight.

Suspend me.
Hold me
over into the next chord
that swells from the cathedral's pipe organ
and ascends to the vaults above.

Suspend me
for I know not what I do.
Christ of the air, I hang on,
clinging to the hem of your robe.

Copyright©2006 by Rochelle Chapman