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Charles Baker

About this Christian Poet:
Charles Baker is a Christian, a husband, a father, a teacher, a writer, and a juggler from Coquitlam, BC. He is currently working on books of poetry for both children and adults.

The Conversion

Even the stones drip.

You see souls swimming inside,
they give themselves to You.
The hardest heart
gives way, gives, sways,
until it cracks
and gives up Living Water.

We met that way. How I resisted.

My cold granite face
rejected your hand.
I affected love, deflected love.
Your love found an opening
and powered inside me,
fracturing resistance, crumbling contempt.
Then out flowed Living Water.

But I was only one pebble,
one stone from the rock pile.

Changed, transformed,
part of a flowing fluid
that washes clean,
wears away at others,
wears to sway others,
carving out more souls
with Living Water.

I see I'm not the only miracle.

Small streams converge,
form a rushing river,
slamming the land,
and the sound in my ears
is a rocking crack
of cracking rock.

Earth gives way to Living Water.

Copyright©2002 by Charles Baker