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Violet Nesdoly

Honorable Mention 2006 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

Violet Nesdoly lives in Surrey, B.C. with her husband and is the mother of two adult children. Freelance writing fills her work days. Other poems by her have been accepted and/or published at Utmost Christian Writers, Poets Online (Archive), M. B. Herald, Capper's Magazine, Birds and Blooms, Prairie Messenger, Glad Tidings (Presbyterian) and Time of Singing.

Among her many other achievements, Violet Nesdoly is Utmost's International Christian Poet Laureate for 2006 and 2007.

Wisdom of the Scarecrow

From the first burp
of a shoot bursting its tomb
to the dozing off
of a harvested plant
life remains a mystery.

There is significance in small things:
the subterranean wisdom of earthworms
the collegial hum of bees
the fantasies of the cabbage grub
the silent plodding of beetles
and how ants and aphids conspire.

It takes a whole season
of watermelon mornings
and peach nights,
all the moods
from mourning to petulance
lanquid afternoons
to sensual alyssum-scented nights
to grow a garden.

The gardener's watchfulness
doesn't keep squash
from escaping over the fence
bindweed from sneaking in
and slugs from leaving glittering trails
to leqaf-skeleton remains
of last night's orgy.

For some
salvation comes
in cages twine and shears.

I, myself, am nothing
without creeping shadows
the aging of rain
and the life of the wind.

Copyright ©2006 by Violet Nesdoly