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Jim Cox

Honorable Mention 2006 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

I am self-taught and have been writing for 13 years. I've been married 37 years, have 3 kids, and am a retired artist of 35 years. I've been published in Time of Singing, a Christian poetry publication in Pennsylvania, and Footprints for Women, a publication in Brisbane, Australia, for Christian women who live in isolation in the outback. I am presently working hard to gather enough good material to self-publish a chapbook.


Buried things rise
when hardpan frolics
clattering and heaving
with clod-stomp cadence
making way
for a new kind of life.

Tendons and flesh clothe dry white bones
assembled, from far and near
from ankles to eyes redemption reigns
and there's improvised dancing on brand new feet
as chest cages fill with bright spring air.

Time to rejoice, with hoots and giggles
as if to music scrawled on a page
by a Master composer who promised us all
we'd live again to celebrate.

Though unexpected
resurrection usually makes the news
well known, well-paid, wild-eyed stalkers
tangled in wires, cameras and mics
have suddenly come into view.

And though surprised by celebrity status
a tear trickles down a smooth granite face
rendered passe by mercy outpoured
as is his habit, the headstone had nothing to say.

Copyright ©2006 by Jim Cox