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Gail J. Dickie

Honorable Mention 2006 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

Gail J. Dickie is a Christian poet from Toronto, Ontario.

Thank You R. Carlos Nakai

"yours are the poems i do not write" e.e. cummings

o hollow
wind of your Pipes
from the heart's
vibrations rattle sounds
to burn the dawn's horizon
                                      i rise on
                                      dry dust desert
this fragile gesture of a a poem
to praise    not mistranslate
those sacred notes     you play this place
                                      i drift
                                      on echoes     haunting
                                      callings calling     calls
above the cliffs
and sand
                                      i glide
                                      on the hush of the dusk's
                                      warm     quiet
long     ripples of rest     against
the shadow of a mountain's breast
                                      i ride
                                      on eagle free wings
                                      that st r  e   t     c     h
the smile of the universe       w   i     d      e
so close to a world's smooth sky
                                      i touch
                                      the finger of God

R. Carlos Nakai is a flute player of Navajo-Ute heritage.
The poem was inspired by is music on a "Canyon Trilogy" CD

Copyright ©2004 by Gail J. Dickie