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Ellen Gray

Honorable Mention 2006 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

I am a wife, mother and teacher in Pleasanton, California. I am grateful poetry has been a part of my redemption. Reading and writing poetry helps me cling to faith.

A Garden Story

Christ crawls across the grit
in flesh as dry as paper
bleached of words
after forty days of wind
the lush baptism wobbles in illusion
thirst scrapes away the waning blood
as hunger tears at his body for bread
the first communion

the morning star
seethes heat and doubt
asks the son of God
if he is the son of God
when she and he in the garden of plum and wine
seized the first bite to be god-like
adn drove the only thorn into the crown
to be god-like
this weary son of man
pursued bone of his bone
and flesh of his flesh
out to the scorching sand
where the leper and the lame
plead with their need
ask the son of God
if he is the son of God
to make the rough places smooth
like the streams that once flowed
through the once garden

the allegations coil around the divine
the pale ribs and black tongue
the accuser asks
the son of God
if he is the son of God
to take a taste of bread

choked by the simplest need, he
cries the words of garden poetry
on God man does not live alone
even in deserts of stone.

Copyright ©2006 by Ellen Gray