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Judith Frost

Honorable Mention 2006 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

I live on the island of Montreal with my husband and daughter. My work has appeared in Time of Singing, Esprit, and Glad Tidings. As a homeschool Mom, I act as coach and cheering section for my daughter. Together, we share an ever deepening love for words. My gardening, quilting, and my life all compost down into rich soil for poetry!

Solstice Solace
   (from the South of France)

It is not the paintings
etched and coloured
on ancient
rock walls,
nor autumn light on scarlet
vines row upon row,
by olive groves green as the third day,
nor the way
sun pierces the entrance
of the dolman
at winter solstice
that makes me pause,
but your arm about
my shoulder as I write, your
body still spilling joy
into my passages; dusty,
and growing old

Copyright ©2006 by Judith Frost