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Susan Plett

Honorable Mention 2006 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

Susan Plett is a Canadian poet writing from Calgary Alberta Canada, where she lives with her husband and two children.

Nothing More

Thoughts of you are vapor, mist—the certain
chill breath of your name, drifting in on this
malevolent wave, bent on shipwrecking
contentment. Your face, spilled out in seaweed.
The curve of your eye socket, echoed in
scatterings of seashells, ground fine beneath
my feet as I navigate this new shore,
play in seafoam, reinvent my laugh.

That's what I miss the most-the deep throaty
bark of astonished laughter I could make
you surrender,as though my trolling wit
had slipped beneath the surface, and yanked you,
gasping, into light, where I could see you.
There's heady power in a trick like that.

Copyright ©2006 by Susan Plett