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Diane Tucker

Honorable Mention 2006 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest $50

Diane Tucker is a poet from Burnaby, British Columbia.

Yet the world knew him not

In darkness we crept the streets, bitching
about taxes and stale bread, wheat and silver
beyond our making (darkness the place
for all we could make: slick deals
and drunken noise and noisy love),
darkness bowing us down, down low,
low beyond our lifting, and the light
that enlightens everyone was coming,
quick as a switch flipped, into the creeping
world where we bent low with power failure.

The Word, full as full of grace and truth,
burst in on us, burst, full and darkening,
taut with his own fullness, full
as a September apple skin, while we
were doing other things: cooking with oil,
building with earth, idling over the plow,
ogling the servant girls, letting the priests,
aloof, pass us in the streets, our senses
occupied, hearts scraped empty of prayers,
fallen and dead as worm-rotten fruit,
when in burst the ripened, the fully grown,
the fiery red electric fullness of the Word.

Copyright ©2006 by Diane Tucker