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M.L. Gordon

I am a high school/college English teacher and a resident of Arizona who has come to love and appreciate the beauty of God's creation in the Sonoran Desert. This poem was conceived on a lonely stretch of highway in southern Arizona.

Desert Communion

In the headlights' glare I spot it,
a little pale altar
of bone and brush
beneath a highway marker
sixteen miles out of Nogales.
Here is the body and the blood
remembered flesh and
white jaws that slack
into sleep.

I do not stop.

But in the rearview
I see through the red glow of tail lights
that a desert poppy
has pushed up between
the ragged ribs,
and I know this
unexpected resurrection
is His way
of speaking to me:

Daughter of Eve,
in little miracles—
for you, too, began with a rib.

Copyright ©2006 by M.L. Gordon