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John Dreyer

My poetry has been published in War Cry, The Gem, Spring Hill Review and PoetryMagazine.com. Additional poems are scheduled to appear in War Cry. My poetry has also been accepted for publication in The Standard, Ideals Magazine, Live, and Leaves.

My articles and essays have appeared in Gray's Sporting Journal, New Times Magazine, The Cincinnati Enquirer Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine, and Pickin' Magzine.

"The Madonna's Blue Sky Morning" is inspired by Frederico Baroccio's painting "Madonna and Child with Saint Joseph and the Infant Baptist" which hangs in The National Gallery in London.

The Madonna's Blue Sky Morning

Herod's recent butchery is passed away
in the Baraccio Madonna's blue sky morning;
Salome's request macabre and
Pilate's washing of his hands are
cowardices yet to come.
For now, her nephew's
teasing of the cat
distracts the nursing child
from her breast.
The boys giggle.
She smiles.
We lean into the scene like
Joseph in the painting's upper corner.
We laugh with him.
She holds her son upon her lap,
her other arm loosely round John
leaning against her hip
where he holds
a carved bird aloft in one hand,
out of the feline's reach,
his cousin's foot in the other.
Our hearts beat hot joy
for their happiness;
then cold dread for
knowing what must come
and why.

Copyright ©2005 by John Dreyer