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John Dreyer

My poetry has been published in War Cry, The Gem, Spring Hill Review and PoetryMagazine.com. Additional poems are scheduled to appear in War Cry. My poetry has also been accepted for publication in The Standard, Ideals Magazine, Live, and Leaves.

My articles and essays have appeared in Gray's Sporting Journal, New Times Magazine, The Cincinnati Enquirer Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine, and Pickin' Magzine.

Candle Against the Dark

Acrid ashen fog slithers in,
disappears the moon,
deadens night songs,
births spectral stillness,
coils coldly round the soul;
heaven hurled,
fiery-tailed meteors
pierce the bitter vapor,
hot white irons for
branding life's breath;
the grunting soul struggles,
inhales against its bounds,
sweats visions of regrets,
wishes dark death,
no afterlife;
dawn chases out the
coiled dread,
wields light against the dark,
provides a candle
by which to rest
before the
sour cloud returns,
the struggle is rejoined.

Copyright ©2005 by John Dreyer