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Frederica Roberson

About this Christian Poet:
I am married and we have two wonderful boys. I have been writing poetry for a long time and enjoy it very much. Recently my poetry has changed as my walk with God has changed. My appreciation for life and Him has grown stronger and my experiences with him are spilling over into my writing. My writing is like a reflection of my relationship with God. I just hope that my thirst for Him will always remain, though he satisfies, I don't ever want to get where I had enough.


Celebrating who I am and who I am becoming
I am beautiful, talented, gifted, anointed, Woman
I got a voice that sings softly and carries strong
On the tree limbs of an oak through a summer breeze
Dancing with its leaves can you hear me whisper?
Anchored and grounded in your truth
The love you have shown me Heavenly Father
there is no substitute
I glide with each step laced with your grace
Your mercy covers me so when you see me I am guiltless
I step over worthlessness and push shame out of my way
I run confident, fast, bold, and free towards your throne
while calling on your name
Knowing the sacrifice that was made,
my mediator is also my brother,
A friend that will stick closer than any other,
and when I need to be taught a little more
or need to feel you close like never before,
You introduce me to our Comforter
So much love you poured into me
when out of man's side you first created me
I am surrendering all to you;
I'm like clay on the potter's wheel,
celebrating who I am and who I am becoming
Lord mold me and make me

Copyright©2002 by Frederica Roberson