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Judith Frost

I live on the island of Montreal with my husband and daughter. My work has appeared in Time of Singing, Esprit, and Glad Tidings. As a homeschool Mom, I act as coach and cheering section for my daughter. Together, we share an ever deepening love for words. My gardening, quilting, and my life all compost down into rich soil for poetry!

One evening a friend of ours shared how God touched him in his lowest moment. One day as he walked down a city street, a small boy ran up and held out a flower. When my friend knelt to receive it, he was suddenly aware, like Jacob, that this was none other than "the house of God." When I read Genesis 28, I am in awe of how God comes to us in unexpected places.

House of God

After the dream of the angels climbing the ladder to Heaven …Jacob was afraid and said, "How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of Heaven." Genesis 28:17

The house of God
sometimes rises
from under our feet
enclosing us
in holy spaces
while we walk
a dawn-hushed beach
a village foot-path,
negotiate a snarl of traffic,
tramp homeward at dusk

Though it may burst in
with a shout, a roar
more often, it drops a pebble
into the well
while we, like Jacob awakening,
hush to feel its ripples wash the night

Copyright ©2005 by Judith Frost