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Claudia Burney

Claudia Burney is a writer living in Ann Arbor, MI. She lives with her husband and six of their seven children. She is currently at work on her second novel.

May It Be Done According to Your Will

Fear not,
but tell no one.

You are now
a bearer of the holy.

Sit, pondering

There is no shadow
in My Light,
above the face
of your womb waters.

Prepare a place
for Me.

I Am in the circle
stretching your flesh.
lay your hands
on Me.

Warm the space
between us.

There are miracles
demanding to be told,
and miracles
that beg you

tell no one.

Fear not.
I dwell in the quiet.

Give birth to Me,
My fruit shall surely

Copyright ©2005 by Claudia Burney