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Megan Elaine Davis

I grew up on sixty acres of woodland in southern Maine with my five siblings, all of whom have creative writing tendencies. I was home schooled all the way through high school by my mom, also a writer, and my dad, an editor. Some of my other interests include reading, travel, and letter writing. I hold a BA in Creative Writing, and am currently working for Bob Jones University Press in South Carolina. I thank God for the talent He has given me, my parents for encouraging that talent, and my college writing teachers for helping me shape and refine it. To God be the glory.

I Look at Leaves

I look at leaves
brown, burdened with water
dead on the ground
grey, shackled by lichen
cold on the stones
pale, diseased with fungi
limp on the lawn.
I look at leaves.
You look at me.

Copyright ©2005 by Megan Elaine Davis