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Ricky Alcantar

Ricky was captivated very early by the power of stories and the written word. During his childhood he often outpaced his parents' feverish attempts to keep him supplied with reading material. Only recently has his love for reading driven him to write. Currently, Ricky is studying Creative Writing at the Univeristy of Texas at El Paso. He is passionate about books, coffee, serving his local church, and constantly standing amazed at the cross of Christ. Ricky's writing is driven by a desire to reflect God's glory and help people see old truths in fresh ways.


Stains streak down
her perfect face, her eyes
stars on clear waters
filled with tears
she lies awake, her face
open to the cold
night air coming from
the window

She walks the streets and people stop
and stare and whisper her name
the air so cold it keeps her blood from flowing
as she walks, coat clutched to her chest
looking to catch a glimpse
of her own reflection

Guys knock on her door, wanting
to come inside, telling her she’s beautiful
but they’ll be at another girl’s door soon
so she tries not to hear, even though
it’s hard to be alone
in a city like this

In the shadow of the buildings looming
above into clouded skies and sinking down
into foundations too deep to tear away
she stops and screams
at the days spent here
at the whole gray city
bearing down upon her

She built this town

Alone in her room she feels
for the silver chain around her neck
the ring, and the letters etched
to remind her from birth
In God we trust
remembering the scarred
hands that held her and the days
spent walking barefoot in the grass

She looks at the phone and tries
to pick it up but it's been
dead for a long time
for a moment she thinks of running
out to the sun, to the green fields
but she tells herself it wouldn’t be
the same, and there isn’t a patch of grass
anywhere out there now
so she feels the city pull her back
reaches for a pill and swallows
slipping away, puts her hand
on the cold window and cries
alone             but the door behind her
opens and He stands with scarred hands
His tears falling like rain on her soul
until she remembers and sees again.

Copyright ©2005 by Ricky Alcantar