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Brenda Tate

Brenda Tate is a recently-retired high school teacher who lives in southwest Nova Scotia. She loves to perform in musical productions and has also scripted plays for teenagers. Her other interests include animals, gardening and rock collecting. Brenda has been writing poetry for some years and is hoping to publish a collection of her work. A recipient of various awards, she most recently won the inaugural Rising Tide Press Poetry Contest, placed third in the poetry division of the latest Atlantic Writing Competition and won the Interboard Poetry Competition (IBPC) for May 2004. She was also a finalist in the Winning Writers War Poetry Contest, 2003 and the Glimmer Train Poetry Open, Spring 2002.

Brenda graduated from Acadia University and first became a Christian when she was baptized as a member of the Wolfville Baptist Church. Her late parents were both teachers in the Wolfville area. She and her husband, David, now attend Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in rural Yarmouth County, near their home. Their daughter, Natalia and son-in-law, Jordan, are both studying Education to carry on the family tradition of teaching.

White-Throated Sparrow

You stroke the crystal rim of sky, invade
our Friday quiet. Operatic trills
festoon the spruce and briars like a braid
of bright soprano beads. Each grace note spills
across our fields; your celebration strums
the pasture fence. A sudden wire-dance
skips lightly down the topmost strand and hums
until we trace its source. But what mischance
has caught you on this barb, which now impales
your body with its crucifying spikes?
You bleed in music, though its cadence fails
to turn aside two predatory shrikes.

We cry out as they tear you wing from wing,
yet even as your breast is speared, you sing.

Copyright ©2005 by Brenda Tate