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Linda Siebenga

“We live with our faces against the dust of life and yet can feel the breath of God on them. This breath of God carries me on the journey.” Linda Siebenga’s journey began in windy Southern Alberta in 1947, took her to Michigan for a teacher’s degree and then back to Lacombe, Alberta where she met and married her husband Jack. Their two married children and four grandchildren live nearby. Previous volumes of her poetry, published in 1989 and 1997, are Windcatcher and Waiting for the Play to Begin. Linda's new volume of poetry, Earth Against Your Cheek, became available for purchase April 1, 2004.

The Comfort

she rests against his holy breast
relaxes as he rocks her
through the darkest hours
while centuries sing
before and behind him

he tells her stories
of rescue at a red-corded window
honey in the carcass of a lion
a tract of land bought before exile
and birds nesting in mustard plants

in her dreams
a river flows into a golden city

such a clear river beneath
a canopy of Banyan trees

no not Banyan
this fruit is good to eat

and she hears voices
from the mouths of winged
creatures sing

Copyright ©2005 by Linda Siebenga