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Richard Hayes

About this Christian Poet:
I am a Christian leader running a church in North Liverpool. I am also a Personnel Manager in a big hospital. Married with 3 children, all also Christians. I began serious writing only recentlyh, and have just begun to explore competitions and outlets. I have no publications but have won a first prize in an international competion.

Easter Setting

The main event—the show to end all doubt
a few look in, the business isn't brisk:
two thousand years and still that man's about,
but health and safety experts judge the risk
to be remote, and then the jury's out;
so Easter has become to you and me
a cold commercial opportunity.

You take your pick, the package is the same
its all wrapped up and no one's taking sides,
eternal destiny seems pretty lame
before the rush of pure white knuckle rides,
it doesn't do to shift or shoulder blame:
that sort of myth died out before the war,
no certainties! of that you can be sure.

I beg to differ but we don't collide
you pass me thus, I pass the other way
to talk of sin is bound to coincide
with urgent somethings happening today
attendances that cannot be denied
and so I gaze at you and you at me
and yours the earth but mine the mystery.

Some influence—an understated hush
held the unholy in a stranglehold
but now we fight each other in the crush
to clear the shelves before Good Friday's old
and Easter Holidays are one big rush
to flee the Isles, shake off our rusty home
with Easy Jet to Malaga or Rome

The Englishman has laid aside his lease
Gone on a long vacation long ago!
With tacit blessing of sedate police—
in some republic where the clocks run slow,
(and no one's got the stomach for caprice)
expatriates still smooth the linen spread
divide the hot cross buns and butter bread.

Copyright©2001 by Richard Hayes