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Vicki Goodfellow Duke

About this Christian Poet:
The story of Mary Magdalen gives hope to every person. She is the greatest of sinners, yet the first to see Jesus after His resurrection; she is the model of humility and a sinner's lesson in love. In this poem, I wanted to explore the Magdalen in each of us, the challenge that faith poses to our limited human understanding, and how, in our abandonment, God's mercy transcends it all.

Vicki Goodfellow Duke lives in Calgary. She is the First Place Winner of the 2005 Ray Burrell Award (co-winner). Her poetry has recently appeared in Prairie Poetry: An American Journal, and Poetry on the Way—poems featured on subways and buses in Central and Eastern Canada. She currently homeschools her 4 young children.

To Mary Magdalen,
with thanks

savior of pretty girls
       slammed into doors
       bloodied by steel-toed

       tripping in heels
       through the night

       into drains

       to scrub filth
       from split lips,

       certain still, their souls
       are unbroken,

       (these are the fortunate)

safe from pills
stashed in pockets

they've heard the truth—

love covers a multitude of sins

       and there's been plenty
       of lovin'

no sense to kill yourself
when you may be redeemed

by tears,
letting down your hair
is easy,

the hardest thing,
to believe there's deliverance

at the feet of a man

Copyright ©2005 by Vicki Goodfellow Duke