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Ned Condini

About this Christian Poet:
Ned Condini, writer, translator, and literary critic, was an English teacher at Westwood, N.J., until 1999. In 1986 he was the recipient of the PEN/Poggioli Award for his versions of Mario Luzi. Translations of his have appeared in The Village Voice, The Partisan Review, The Mid-American Review, Prairie Schooner and Translation (Columbia University, New York). He was the editor and translator of Legouis' and Cazamian's History of English Literature. He also rendered into Italian Lincoln's Speeches (Mulino, Bologna) and Ben Jonson's Plays (Utet, Turin, Italy). In 1994, Condini's collection of poems, Rimbaud in Umbria, was published by Multigraf, Venice and in 1996, his collection quartettsatz by VIA, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana. Recently, he has been awarded the Bordighera Prize.


What brews the poison rising to our throats—
something once ripe, that spoiled?
Or was it rotten from the start: our sickness.
On this night, as we stumble with the Harveys'
flashlight along the Rio Grande brush,
we feel alive, miraculously clean.
A strong scent of alfalfa in the air,
hot-blooded stars as close as lovers' eyes—
everything draws to a hunger of the tree
ancient scrolls fabled, the appeal of what is right.
For this is what we'd really like to be:
good, like these campers, to everybody… good,
even if our hands are stained with blood.

Copyright ©2005 by Ned Condini