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Susan Plett

About this Christian Poet:
I live and write in Calgary, Alberta, in a house on the river I share with a husband, two marvelous children, and a guinea pig. I came to poetry accidentally, but once I got there, I refused to leave. My work has appeared in the Canadian Writers Journal, Time of Singing, Literary Potpourri, as well as on Utmost Christian Writers.

Two Years After

I thought you'd be gone by now –
I recited Crossing the Bar at your funeral –
but last week, playing the piano,
I watched your short square hand stretch
to reach high C

I thought I'd lose the cadence of your voice –
I helped them carry the coffin out –
but Sunday morning, singing hymns in church
I heard your clear, tentative harmony
intertwine with mine

I thought I'd lose the comfort of your quirks –
I packed your clothes in boxes for charity –
but Tuesday afternoon, drinking black coffee at Smitty's
I smiled as you took a sip, made a face
added a spoon of sugar

I thought you'd be gone by now –
and your absence would remain an open wound
stung to crimson at each mention of your name –
but this morning, harvesting lilacs you planted
I inhale the sharp sweet ache of spring and know
you're not going anywhere.

Copyright ©2005 by Susan Plett