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Richard Hayes

About this Christian Poet:
I am a Christian leader running a church in North Liverpool. I am also a Personnel Manager in a big hospital. Married with 3 children, all also Christians. I began serious writing only recentlyh, and have just begun to explore competitions and outlets. I have no publications but have won a first prize in an international competion.

After Office Evening
(and passing beneath the tower of Big Ben)

A bar stool circle empties glass by glass,
the loud debate subsides,
and who was right or introduced the element of farce;

one said "religion lets a demon loose"
another "it must take perverse delight
to utilise what shouldn't be of use!"

How black bewitching is the Thames tonight!
            at Hungerford,
a deep dull note rings clear—
—above the grumble of another train
            that pale face,
                       the hands,
                                 the stroke you fear
As the windows steam and streak with rain
the carriage jolts and groans from Charing Cross
scraping the points,
             jarring to the ear,
and can a God transcend this wilderness?

Copyright©1998 by Richard Hayes