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James Beard

About this Christian Poet:
I hail from Texas, and have been a science and math instructor for most of my life. Now I read, write, and ranch mostly. But I still have to write of this amazing Christ. I am compelled again and again in efforts to grasp this Emmanuel fact somehow.

Emmanuel... my favorite God word.

The Song of the Damned

Spring forth O song
Arise from soul imprisoned ye songs of Christ
Though I would stammer and stutter of worthlessness
Though the bowels of hell be mine—served hard and deserved
Sing ye yet my sins' own soul—in spite of me—sing ye of Jesus

Rise up my hollow bones
in pirouettes of stumbling grace when white in ash of death
to dance and dance and dance for this Christ and risen King
Clatter ye, my skull lips—
rattle off orgasmic crescendos of skeletal "Holy, Holy, Holies…"î
as I flounder dismembered in pain to pain

Cindering in this evil's hottest hell—
redeem my torment's scream of eternal agony
into shimmering crimson rays of infinite praise
to him
who is Lord
Sing my soul… sing ye damned with your charred and molten lips
Sing ye of Jesus… and sing… and sing… and sing…

Copyright ©2004 by James Beard