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Lesley Ayers

About this Christian Poet:
I live in New Zealand. My husband and I have four adult children and two grandchildren. I have always had a great love of words. In recent years I have had articles published in Christian and secular publications in New Zealand. This year I pulled back from my work as counselor/workplace chaplain to spend more time writing, and to train as a spiritual director. As well as words, I love people, and balance my people time with reflective walks to "talk things over" with God. The lake in the poem "Reflections" is my favourite place for soul restoration.


Unsettled in myself
I get up early,
make my way
along cold streets
to see the thin mist rising on the lake.

Leaning on the bridge, I find
another Monet morning,
palette stippled echoes
of trees on trees
of reeds on reeds
in glassy world
of stillness

You're used to early meetings by a lake,
another time, another place.

In kairos time, Your timeless time,
my heart's eye sees You come
as if You walk towards me
in the curving wake of swan

Transfused by loving touch
that countless others know,
I'm soothed, restored,
freed to go,

free to see
through clearing mists
another day
as shining gift.

                   Copyright©2004 by Lesley Ayers