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Elizabeth (Izzy) Savage

About this Christian Poet:
Elizabeth (age 11) is the Second Prize winner in the Junior Division of the 2004 Utmost Children & Youth Poetry Contest. For this poem Elizabeth received $50 cash. She is from California.

If I Were the Sky

If I were the sky
I would show off my palette of colors to
the World,
like flowers' colors in the spring.
I would be my darkest on the 4th of July,
To make the fireworks look their
Telescopes would be my friends and
I would show them the mysteries of the
But only some,
Like an artist only reveals some of her
My sunsets and sunrises would
Always, always be just perfect,
Ready for someone to paint my picture.
I'd have clouds be my dancers,
Like a king had jesters, and
I'd pour out my tears where there is a
Or when I'm just plain sad.
If I were the sky.

                   Copyright©2004 by Elizabeth (Izzy) Savage