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Vladimir DeLorenzo

About this Christian Poet:
Vladimir (age 13) is the Second Prize winner in the Senior Division of the 2004 Utmost Children & Youth Poetry Contest. For this poem Vladimir received $50 cash. Vladimir is from Massachusetts.

Nights Like Tonight

On nights like tonight,
when the moon is liquid mercury
and the stars fall like broken glass,
I can almost feel her voice,
taste her whisper once again.

On nights like tonight,
when the stars whisper
in the darkening sky
and the moon breathes
in summer tides,
I can almost remember
when she stood above me,
her silhouette against the sky
and her voice drifted down
to touch my hearing.

On nights like tonight,
when the winds exhale songs
of summers, long forgotten
and the symphony of nightfall
begins its final prelude,
when darkness turns to dawn,
only I can hear her
whisper on the sunrise.

                   Copyright©2004 by Vladimir DeLorenzo