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Stephanie Adjemian

About this Christian Poet:
Stephanie (age 13) is the Senior Division winner of the 2004 Utmost Children & Youth Poetry Contest. She won $75 cash for this poem. Stephanie is from Massachusetts.


Watch the daffodils
see the sweet gold voices lifted toward the sky
laughter embodied in delicate petals
gather them up in bunches
breathe the scent of their summer-dust and sunlight
spilling from sweet, yellow cups
gather the daffodils until your hands are full
until they spill from your arms in smiling drifts
embrace the daffodils
take up their sun-lit happiness
bring it into your heart and soul, your mind
chase away the deep red roses of winter
watch the daffodils and let them chase all sorrow from you.

I saw it in a dream—
a field of yellow,
different shades, lilting, shifting,
hills on hills of smiling, delicate sun-shades
I saw them smile and it seemed that I was one of them,
and I was them, was the hill, the layer of daffodils, nodding and waving
and I was the laughter and beauty of spring.

Let that be you—
a layer of spring and joy
cover the bare, brown earth of the world—
be many in one
do, do be yellow and laughter and gold

my walls are yellow
not quite daffodil, but
they are a shadow of delights to come—
it is like a photograph of a garden, but you do not know the feel
of earth between your fingers,
earth beneath bare feet,
flowers like silken butterfly petals
floating from you, sailing ships across the air
come to the daffodils with me—
they will show you, teach you
to open your heart
they will show you
to be joy.

                   Copyright©2004 by Stephanie Adjemian