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Jaime F. Myers

About this Christian Poet:
Jaime (age 12) is the Grand Prize winner of the 2004 Utmost Children & Youth Poetry Contest, as well as the Junior Division winner. For this poem Jaime received $225 cash. Jaime is from California.


Dripping over the sides of time,
Slipping beyond the human grasp,
Racing upwards towards the sky,
An infinite highway where God walks,
A puzzle never meant to be solved,
An untouched gem, forever glistening
Always just out of reach,
Too open and free for our limited minds,
We cannot ponder it for long,
It pounds and kicks if captured in thought
Until we set it free,
The crystal wall we stumble into
Again and again,
The elastic mold of God and Time

A pitiful name
For the thread of energy
Which separates Almighty God and stumbling man,
The life song of love, peace and joy,
The music no instrument can play,
Hoping, believing
Twisted into a single cord,
A glimpse of God touching earth,
The answer to the question we have not asked,
The spirit of nothing,
The spirit of everything,
The window we look through.
But now the door is open.
Jesus is waiting.

Have you come
And embraced

                   Copyright©2004 by Jaime F. Myers