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Peter Michael Sherwood

About this Christian Poet:
Originally from Nova Scotia, I currently live in the Toronto area with my wife and 4 homeschooled children. Although I've always enjoyed writing, until last November I had never seriously considered it. With the gentle and honest help of the wonderful Christian writers in the utmostchristianwriters.com community, after a few months I felt confident enough to enter my first writing contest—the Paraphrased Praise contest. Getting an honorable mention has both humbled and encouraged me.

The One

You are the foundation
That holds the universe in place
The song sung
By the vibration of every molecule

Your love shines forth
In the dark places
Between the stars
And the atoms
And in the hearts of men

Who is like the Most High?
King of the Universe,
Undefeated Warrior,
Messiah and Giver of Life

He is Holy, Adonai
Master of all He surveys
Gravity, Mathematics, Space and Time
Bow before Him
He is the One.

                   Copyright©2004 by Peter Michael Sherwood