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Delia Corrigan

About this Christian Poet:
I live in Columbia, SC with my husband and three boys. My work has been published in Alive Now, Beginnings Magazine and several local newspapers. "Intoxication" is a very personal piece which Mr. Nathan Harms has encouraged me to publish. This poem highlights only one of the reasons I can't help but love my Lord.


Depending on the time of day
I don’t know which I want,
Dominion over it, or it over me.

I am running, I am running, I am
But not too fast.
Who doesn’t love to be wooed?
The promise is intoxicating.

For a moment, an hour, I am glamorous.
I love all people and I see with unusual clarity that maybe
The world’s agony does not crouch at my door.
But my tongue is thick,
I can’t express what I perceive for the enlightenment of others.

I’m ready to leave this place now, but I’m being pursued.
My arms are light and tingly, and my elbows rest unnaturally on the rail.
I’m not sure I like it, but I’m sure I don’t love it.
Still, I yield to the immediate,
Turn, reluctantly, and take the smooth, solid stem of my pursuer.

Walking out through the dizziness, the blurriness, the reputation
I peer over the rim into another’s life
And like what I see.

Turn the music down so I can think.
Down, but not off.
Maybe I’ll linger. Sway to the rhythm
Pour myself into her for a while.

Faceless waiter fills my glass
Nostrils fill with the scent of Chablis perfume, crushed, aged,
sweet for the moment.
I tip my glass. Smooth surface roils, threatens as I submerge,
Lips seeking treasure.

The depth deceives me and solitary stillness presses
Shafts of light, now nothing.
Experience gives way to panic, oxygen and time drain away.
I surface with the crushed odor of high ideals, self effort and fraud.
My rank treasure mocks me as I breathe deeply of defeat

Before sleep comes, maybe during or after,
I watch Christ trample this enemy.
His toes and ankles stained red, like the hem of his garment,
He invites me to join. I move close enough to touch,
To smell the blood-red wine.
The promise is intoxicating.

                   Copyright©2004 by Delia Corrigan