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Alvin G. Ens

About this Christian Poet:
Born and educated in Saskatchewan, I have taught high school English in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. With my early retirement I now have more time for writing. My poems and a few short stories have been published in a variety of religious publications and anthologies.

                      Find the Mind

As simple              as connecting             the dots
              of a child's                       dot
                                   to dot                   puzzle
is finding
                    the mind
                                          of God
                  except God
             chose                not to number
                                                              the dots
and someone
                          has added
         a dot or two
to make sense                             of obscurities
                        and all                                     of us
                                  in danger
of skipping                  a dot                             or two
           that seem
                                      to inhibit
     until some                                     dot counter
             more anxious
                          to ascertain number
than                          to see                    the picture
                  the dots                     unconnectable
   while most                  recognize
                                                 the picture
but           for           want           of             a
                                          detail or two
                lost        in the                      quibble
                        of a few dots
  we search                                                to find
                 the mind                      of God
as           if           it           was           ever           lost.

Copyright©2004 by Alvin G. Ens