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Robin Jackson Pearson

About this Christian Poet:
I live in Austin, Texas with my husband of nearly 10 years and our four (homeschooled) children, ages 1 through 8.

This poem not only speaks to one woman, but to a whole class of people that I cherish. Some branches of the church seem to want to antagonize liberals, humanists, feminists, pagans, gays, etc. Jesus never made a point of antagonizing the "sinners". Instead, He loved them. This poem is a cry of longing to see those beloved people reconciled with Jesus.

Pioneer Woman, Ponca City, OK

The Pioneer Woman is bronze,
Magnificent atop her pedestal,
Leading her child beside her.
Her hand as it clasps his hand is bronze.
Her purposeful feet are bronze.

All these years (magnificent atop her exalted pedestal)
She remains:
Fierce against the onslaught of the windís whip.
Her stiffly blown skirt is bronze.
Her stoic hips are bronze.

Where is she going or coming from?
To hardships known or unimagined;
From heartaches unspoken?
Her stern, strong countenance set like flint is bronze.
Her heart is bronze.

Bronze, she remains, my icon:
Unkissed lips of bronze, and brazen, unrevealing eyes,
Forever shaded under the metal prairie bonnet she wears
Welded on.

Always in her shadow,
Iíve admired her relentless stride,
And wished with all my bruised and blood-filled heart
for courage, strength, purpose, virtue, grit ó
And wished with every ounce of blood I own
To be her:
heroic, undaunted, invincible.

But the Pioneer Woman is bronze.

Copyright©2004 by Robin Jackson Pearson