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Violet Nesdoly

About this Christian Poet:
Violet Nesdoly lives in Surrey, B.C. with her husband and is the mother of two adult children. Freelance writing fills her work days. Other poems by her have been accepted and/or published at Utmost Christian Writers, Poets Online (Archive), M. B. Herald, Capper's Magazine, Birds and Blooms, Prairie Messenger, Glad Tidings (Presbyterian) and Time of Singing.

Among her many other achievements, Violet Nesdoly was Utmost's International Christian Poet Laureate for 2006 and 2007.

Career Move

Crowds come, he speaks, we cast out spirits, heal.
As a career move I could have done worse.
Mobility is upward here, I feel
for I'm the one he chose to keep the purse.
But he attracts the common, sick and poor,
his teachings contradict, they don't make sense:
First shall be last? Great riches won't endure?
Expose hypocrisy, unveil pretense?
Patience, I say, in time he will be king;
at lunch she pours rich perfume on his head.
He calls it good and not a wasteful thing:
"It's a memorial; soon I will be dead."
I erred. No future here, inner voice chides,
but—other ladders lean on other sides…

                   Copyright©2004 by Violet Nesdoly