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Leanne Panjer

About this Christian Poet:
Leanne Panjer lives in Calgary, Alberta. She gave herself permission to seriously pursue writing four years ago, and has finally found what makes her profoundly happy. The poem "Metamorphosis" was written for a dear friend whose daughter will probably not survive a cocaine addiction. Put any face or name on the butterfly or shadow and you have a picture of the horrible seduction of evil over our world.


Sun singes
translucent wings
naively riding currents
of butterfly breezes

Pursuing clouds
flirting with drafts
she flits across
his shadow

Dark fingers
touch her passage
rubbing away the powder of flight
with darker intent

Spiraling to earth
inside the flutter of fractured color
she lies exposed

Leaving the wings
he gathers the body
steals her soul

imprisons it
in the hush
of a cocoon.

                   Copyright©2004 by Leanne Panjer