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Pam Gilman

About this Christian Poet:
I live in the mountains of San Gabriel in Southern California, working as a solar observer at the Mount Wilson Observatory. Writing poetry is, for me, a necessary counterpoint to the work of gathering scientific data. I am thankful to our Lord for giving me the desire and motivation to do it.

Spider on the Porch

I saw her build it.
Then she sat in the middle
like a pea in a pod,
a child in a sandbox.
She waited,
turning her glistening body
this way, that way,
enticing beyond all reason.
And when they came,
she let herself down easy.
Devoured the poor chumps.
For weeks they flew her way,
attracted by the yellow light
on which she built her house.
Some figured it out,
but too late.
Chains from her body wrapped their
attention around each one.

Her lawn was littered with dead
carcasses, half-eaten hulks.
It was business as usual for her.
One day, with an old New Yorker,
I relieved her from dull duty
and inborn ingratitude.
But don't think I didn't sympathize.
I spend a lot of time, myself,
waiting for the right one
to come along.

Copyright ©2004 by Pam Gilman