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Delia Corrigan

About this Christian Poet:
I have recently taken the leap of writing strictly for personal pleasure to putting a few writings "out there" to see what happens. Thus, I am ecstatic about my merit award. I have felt a connection to so many poets published in the Gallery, and this is a confirmation that maybe other people can relate to my search as a Christian.

Let's Talk About

That unanswered prayer, life or death
The lump in my throat
The multitudes living in rebellion and
The havoc they are wreaking on my children
We are sorry to inform yous
The lady with the scarf, hiding baldness
The deer that caused a wreck
Poison ivy and kudzu
Bare belly buttons in church
Stock boys bored to tears and rude, rushed customers
The child in the pink bathing suit not asked to play shark
The homecoming queen turned abused spouse
Children who step over their mess without picking up
Cancelled insurance and dipping stock markets
That unanswered prayer about the annoyance
The adopted child
The one left behind
The lady with the scarf, accenting beautiful suit
Four painted fingernails and a doorbell
My forgiveness
Where I was, where I am now
Bad decisions
37 years of protection
Unsalty salt
The lump that's back
New life.

Copyright©2004 by Delia Corrigan