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Marcia Lee Laycock

About this Christian Poet:
Marcia is a pastor's wife, mother of three and a freelance writer. She has written a devotional column, The Spur (Hebrews 10:24) for over 10 years and has just launched her new devotional book, The Spur of the Moment. More of Marcia's work can be seen at www.vinemarc.com


The bruise of healing is fresh
the blow a memory
only the limp remains.

I cannot answer
when they ask, “what happened?”
my tongue thickens
like a thorned cactus
engorged with sudden rain

How can I tell them
I wrestled with our God
I, the deceiver they know too well.
How can I tell them
the scent of heaven on his chest
made me gasp, made me
wrap my arms around Him until
the words sighed from His lips
a breath of blessing in my ear

I, the chosen

I cannot even utter, yet
the new name He gave me
I bow under it
like a slave under the eye
of a beneficent master
the burden of my people is too much

my brother cried out
at the theft of his inheritance
I cry out at the weight of it
my father’s hand upon my head
now feels like the soles of innumerable feet
pounding upon the first step of
their pathway to eternity.

When I returned to Canaan,
bidden by this God of choice
in fear I sent my wives and children before me
to appease the anger of kindred men.
I did not know that He had risen in them,
as long-awaited rain that
swells from hidden springs and mends
the ragged fissures of a hardening drought.

How my brother’s kiss lingers on my cheek,
the sting of forgiveness sings in my flesh!

I erected more towers of remembrance,
re-named the places of my childhood and praised
on my face before such a God
who directs the course even
of the undeserving,
sets him on a destined path and
pours mercy upon him for the journey.

Yes, I still stammer, confounded
before the questioning eyes of my people
but soon I will speak
soon the words will be given

words that have begun to surge
in my loins, words to create my creed
to raise me up until
I can bear such goodness
the burden of this blessing
and believe

even unto the making of a nation
from my mere sinew and bone.

Copyright©2004 by Marcia Lee Laycock