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Bonnie Flaman

About this Christian Poet:
I live in Regina, Saskatchewan with my husband and four children who teach me more about love every day. Writing is more of a place I go to listen than an act of telling. It's there that I often hear the meaning God speaks into my life. My prayer is that His comfort would be spoken through the words I write.

There are people I've been blessed to know who have given me a closer look at the heart of God. This poem is about one of them. This is for Sam.

all day i've been holding this picture

i show it to ryan, he asks
to see it again, we marvel
almost cooing, the way we talk about our children
we gather, wanting a closer look
rebecca dances, feels better today, i wonder
if this is how much we always laugh, and i'd forgotten

nathanial mentions jesus wept
and i think, neat, if you'll forgive the expression
because i've been thinking about jesus' tears
and what it looks like to have a heart too full
and mine is

i look at this picture of you
reading my poem and weeping

                   Copyright©2003 by Bonnie Flaman