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Frederica Roberson

About this Christian Poet:
When I wrote this poem it was early in the morning, I had just put my two kids to bed and I couldn't sleep. I got a piece of paper and pen and this is what came out. I usually write most of my work like that. Words begin to form in my mind and I put it to paper. I just hope that the images I see, that I can translate it into writing on paper, for others to read and feel what I do.

Caught Up

I can't help myself, caught up in your love. On my tip
toes dancing, side to side, round and round, dip,
swerve. Got to have a lot of nerve to dance so wild.
No, not really, caught up in His love, seeing Him with
eyes like a child.
All my senses absorb all they can.
Your touch radiates all over my body kicked off
my shoes around and around I run fast and free so much
power all over me hands outstretched over my head
I don't care what others think, thoughts of surrendering
all to you instead. Little kids sniggling on their
mama's dress hems hands pull and tug. Hush now child,
that's God's power being sent from above. Hush now
child she is caught up in His love.
Fans come from
every direction of the church, Sista get a cloth to
cover her skirt.
So real can't put out these flames.
Gratitude more than can be explained showers from heaven
washed away the blood stains. I was guilty but
now I'm free so peaceful completely out of self hair
not so tidy and sweat pouring from that designer
dress. No fret, I can't be still, can't hush, got to
tell somebody, I got delivered today my Heavenly
Father gave me a spiritual hug. Overjoyed my cup is
running over caught up in His love.

Copyright©2002 by Frederica Roberson