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Rochelle Chapman

About this Christian Poet:
I live in Vancouver, BC. A year ago, I completed a Masters at Regent College (a theological school) where I did an arts thesis project in poetry. Since then, I have been working as a piano teacher and the youth coordinator of an Anglican church. I also take a poetry workshop at UBC to keep working on my writing.

Her Assembly

She takes herself back
retrieving the fragments
one by one.

She has her rituals.
After the pairing comes repair,
after assembly, reassembly.

She pierces her nose:
           this is mine again
           here, just so
           this hole is a gem
           it glimmers in light

She has her rites.
After being discovered, she rediscovers.
She is like one who places a flag on the moon,
hoisting herself.
She paints her toenails to reclaim territory:
           this one is mine
           and this one
           now this one too is golden

She hangs herself with new linens
against a tender, fragile skin.
She recovers:
           this is now private
           this part is hidden
           this too will remain unseen

She pins her hair
up and away
from the invasion of fingers and eyes.
She offers only wisps.

She has her observances:
           these lashes were surrendered
           one kiss at a time
           blurring my reflection

Now she recaptures vision
one blink at a time
and sweeps the veil away.

She is consecrated.
She sets herself back in the world.
           Just so.

Copyright ©2004 by Rochelle Chapman