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Andrew Kooman

About this Christian Poet:
Andrew Kooman grew up in Red Deer, Alberta and considers that city home, though he likes to hop around the planet. Regions of the globe stamped into Andrew's passport include Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South East Asia. Presently, Andrew works with the University of the Nations School of Biblical Studies in Penang, Malaysia where he studies and teaches different books of the Bible. In his 'free' time he writes and dreams of writing.

I wrote this poem after recent teaching and revelation about the injustice and mercy of the cross. As I consider the cross, I recognie it does not mark the beginning or the end of God's suffering. The poem is part of a larger exercise and signifies a need to explore the repercussions divine grace has on a compassionate God who seeks to redeem a sinful world. Through it, and poems like it, I desire to become more unfamiliar with the God I think I know so well.  

Third Prize: 2004 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest


he's a miserable being
stuck with the knowledge
of their secret sin
a doctor who
treats chlamydia
before lunch
when he closes his eyes
he cannot
the image of the gunshot wound
to the head of their whole race
he cannot wash his collar
or chin
splattered as they are
with blood
he's an unhappy being
with a front row seat to

what a dangerous thing
to put in their hands
that could
tear apart the world
with one small touch

from the looks of it
you don't seem a vulnerable
roughed-up God
one small bird fallen from its nest
feathers plucked
by the pastor's
son down the street

he could kill you with one short breath
snap your bones like celery
he could locate your heart
and give it a final, terrible blow

he is capable of such kind things
a gentle hand that does not fear
the boundary of touch
he breaches cold pools of isolation
softly nudging the soul to hope again

and you put your
thumb on it
a strong
jointed thumb
turned it
deeply into
the grain of my
kneaded sore
muscle like

what confidence
you must have
in your
that you
would allow

Copyright ©2004 by Andrew Kooman