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Jennifer Zolper

About this Christian Poet:
Jennifer Zolper lives in California with her 6-year-old son, Peter, and a precocious hamster named Love. Her works can be found in the spring 2003 issue of the Penwood Review, Living By Faith by Obadiah Press, and the Utmost Christian Writers' Gallery Archives.

More Than One Golden Idol

Stone accusations carried down by Moses
Numbering the laws for bawdy rebels
Straight from God with squint and pointed finger.
Those ruffians had it coming.
No one looks at Aaron, tattle-tales
On the brother who collected gold,
Gathered earrings and whatever shone
On the suggestion of discontents.

Whether they were mad, or bored, or spent
With waiting, grumbling never melted gold.
Aaron hammered, muscled out that calf
To please a crowd of shuffling doubters.
And then there was that altar. Never mind,
All the guilt lay on the dancing fray
As brother served them up, saying
"You know how prone these people are to evil."

Copyright©2002 by Jennifer Zolper