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Jennifer Zolper

About this Christian Poet:
I am a graphic artist, a painter, and a poet. I have been published in The Penwood Review; Living By Faith, an anthology; and the Utmost Christian Writers' Gallery, where I am honored to share space with some of the best poets you can find anywhere. I live in a small house on a short street in the flat central valley of California, with my son, my computer, and a few tubes of paint.

Sonnet 1 (Again You Search Me)

Again you search me with your gentle talk
To find my passioned heart that must be hid.
Be not surprised when, answering, I balk
And cover love with anecdotes instead.

For those things hid were once like angels' wings
That soared without a thought of what could bend
Love's brightness into subtler, darker things
And bring a young heart's soaring to an end.

This grace-filled love: a sky our God has made,
Surprises me with stirring of old wings.
Unfolded with them, fears I can't evade;
I soon imagine shadows lengthening.

If you do love me, know you also own
The darker skies these tattered wings have flown.

Copyright©2004 by Jennifer Zolper