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Jennifer Zolper

About this Christian Poet:
I am a graphic artist, a painter, and a poet. I have been published in The Penwood Review; Living By Faith, an anthology; and the Utmost Christian Writers' Gallery, where I am honored to share space with some of the best poets you can find anywhere. I live in a small house on a short street in the flat central valley of California, with my son, my computer, and a few tubes of paint.

If I Had Been Mary

I would have fallen, taken up the dust
In my helpless palms, and ground it into
My skin, the hollows of my eyes, my breast
At least until I also bled, and then more.
I would have sunk slowly down a dirty wall
Watching the stones pass upward under my hands.
Tried to scratch a hole into the dust
Where the wall met the ground and my body curled.
Pulled the wall down to cover me,
Groaned with gritted teeth unto choking,
Fisted my matted hair
And not risen.

Copyright©2004 by Jennifer Zolper